The past, present and future of RT 44 and RT 54 with emphasis on their future restoration and ownership
RT 44 & RT 54 are early examples of the definitive Red Bus of London and its Suburbs


The LTPB Code 2RT2 bus has become known as the 'Pre-war RT'. Chassis: AEC Southall Regent Type, O661;
Engine: AEC Southall No A.185, 9.6 litres; Body: LPTB Chiswick Works.
Vehicles RT 44 and RT 54 are two of the 150 buses made before the war-time production ceased.
The 56-seater double-decker "RT" went on to become the standard, red London bus post-WWII.

RT 44 is the oldest complete RT in existence and it is now over 77 years old. It was completed and taken into stock on 29th December 1939 and was officially registered on the 1st January 1940 to enter service in the first batch of six RTs at Chelverton Road garage, Putney. History
RT 54 is the second oldest and was first taken into stock on 12th January 1940 and is also over 77 years old. It remained unlicensed at Hanwell for a short period and was officially registered on the 10st March to join RT 44 at Chelverton Road garage, Putney on the 20th March. History

FXT 219 

FXT 229 
History of
RT 44

Both buses have had interesting lives in service and preservation. RT 44 was one of the few of the class that were not withdrawn from passenger service during WW2 unlike RT 54 that was withdrawn for a short period for a modification. RT 44 survived until the class was withdrawn in 1963 and served mainly at the Putney garages. After passenger service it was used as a staff bus and trainer at various garages. RT 54 was withdrawn in 1955. In preservation, both buses have been seen at various events and have featured in many films.

Over the years there have been many requests to purchase RT 44 and RT 54 for both commercial and private use. New owners are now required to continue with their restoration and upkeep - click here for details.

History of
RT 54

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